Doesn’t Heart Trump Luck and Skill?

As I watched three other females’ videos flash across the screen as the first three finalists in Daniel Negraneu’s contest for a seat in the Main Event, my heart broke a little. With those spots taken, it was officially highly unlikely that I had been chosen as one of the nine finalists. However, after I rented and watched the first Rocky (not for the first time, but the first in a long time), I realized that I was grateful for my broken heart. People often talk about the skill and luck required to win, but the type of heart that’s required is much more difficult to explain. I believe the fact my heart breaks from seeing others succeed where I want to is proof that I have it. Unfortunately, I was unable to prove it in 30 seconds or less via video.

Can anyone convey their heart for the game in half a minute? I won’t deny that the videos I’ve seen are better than my own submission… but they all have a similar feel. I can tell these players have skills, a desire to win, and might deserve to be bought in, but I have no idea who they really are. I can’t feel their heart. I can see why Daniel is having a hard time choosing and has been asking for help from his followers. As one of the best poker players in the world, I’m certain he can read people very well in all situations, but these videos give little to go off of (including mine).

I wish I could explain to him that I know what an amazing opportunity this is and how it means so much more than a chance at a large sum of money. I’m disappointed there are so many people whining about the finalists Daniel has chosen so far. They say they’re tired of people favoring sob stories and think Daniel should pick someone with a real chance at the bracelet. I think Daniel knows that if any of the contestants was truly far more skilled than all the others, he or she would have found a way to the WSOP without his help. I think Daniel wants someone with the heart of a fighter. He wants to feel like he is Apollo Creed offering the unknown Italian Stallion his (or her) big chance.

So, as I make my way through the rest of the Rocky movies over the next few days, I will continue to ponder if there is any way I can get through to Daniel and convince him I’m the one. He alone holds the power to decide and could always choose the wild card in the end. If not, I’ll come up with another plan some other day. Sometimes all the cards fall the way you hope they will. Sometimes they don’t. That’s how it is in poker and that’s how it is in my life… and I won’t give up. That’s not the kind of gal I am. Having the heart of a fighter is what has gotten me this far. It’s what made me a writer, artist, and poker player. I am grateful for that every day, even if it means I’m working for minimum wage plus tips rather than playing in the WSOP.



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