About Rachel

Rachel Hoyt began dreaming of leaving her day job for a life as an artist and writer in the early 2000’s around the time she learned how to make candles and began playing No Limit Texas Hold’em.

Rachel began her artist career selling handmade candles on etsy in 2007 and maintaining a rhyming poetry blog from 2010 to 2014 (which she still adds poems to occasionally). She launched RachelHoyt.com in 2015 to showcase a different writing style.

She published a list of outrageous poker headlines on Listverse.com in 2015 and contributed an article on a fellow artist to Santa Barbara Magazine in 2016 (see p. 108).

In 2017, Rachel combined her Spanish skills and love of rhyme for the first time to translate two versions of a children’s book – Everything Changes Including Me – from English to Spanish in rhyme (one for breast fed children and one for bottle fed kids). She also began building a portfolio of background texture images on Shutterstock and a using them to design merchandise (dresses, tote bags, and more).

Note: As an Amazon Associate, Rachel earns through qualifying purchases.



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