Self Taught Writer, Artist, and Poker Player

Rachel went to school to be a social worker and ended up a poker playing artist, writer, and rhyming translator.

Poker Thoughts on Life

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  • Do You Believe in Magic?
    I like to think my decisions are based on facts though humans are capable of finding “evidence” to support virtually any belief. Don’t agree? Read this story about the magic in my life.
  • Let The Cards Fall
    “You write about your life on the internet,” he said, “but you don’t really want people to know about your life?” I explained that the image I’m portraying online isn’t fake, but it’s not a full picture either… and IContinue reading “Let The Cards Fall”
  • Why the Bluff Not?
    “You know who it is, don’t you?” a customer asked regarding the dragonflies that I’d admitted visit me regularly. I told her I thought it was my grandpa Hoyt, but really I hadn’t thought about it the way she wasContinue reading “Why the Bluff Not?”

A Preview of Rachel’s Etsy Shop

Art For Sale

One and Only Queen

Rachel loves to combine playing cards with other gaming memorabilia and acrylic paint to create designs that will add more love, luck, and playfulness to the world.

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